Customer Reviews

Our natural lice treatment has left customers satisfied across Southern New England. Read what they had to say:

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Hear From Our Customers

My children were sent home from school with lice months ago. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to rid them of lice but nothing worked for long. It kept coming back! I found out about this company through a friend and Anna came to our home right away. She was so friendly and patient while treating and teaching us about lice infestations.    


I would definitely recommend this head lice treatment service to anyone that is dealing with a lice problem. The hair technician was very informative and thorough about the treatment and their guarantees.

– Steinberg Family

Absolutely life savers. Got me and my son on the same day. Worth every penny for peace of mind and it got my son back to school the next day for his midterms.

– Kelly 

So glad we got our heads checked to find out that we DON’T have lice after there was an outbreak in our school. They taught us how to do head checks at home and how to prevent infestations.

– Brandy

Great company. We’ve used them every year upon entering summer camp and again before arriving back home.

– William and Joyce

Very gentle and patient with my son who has autism. They played lots of games with him to distract him during his time in the chair. They understood that his need to repeatedly stand up to take breaks.

– M. Blakes

We discovered nits on our daughters head at 10 p.m., called up, and they sent a delivery driver to our home that night to drop off an oil solution for us to use to hold us over until the next morning for our appointment. The oil stopped the itching and we were able to get a good night’s sleep.

– Miranda

Our family secretly struggled with lice for months until we found Family Lice Care, who taught us everything we needed to know to finally stop having to go through this. We now all joke about how we’re “lice experts.” 

– Mike and Pauline

Non-toxic is the only way I’d go with this situation after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease and having a son with severe allergies.

– Larissa W

Honest company that doesn’t take financial advantage of panicking mothers. The treatment took much longer than we had expected since my little girl’s hair is equivalent to a lion’s mane. We weren’t charged anything more than the price that was quoted over the phone in advance. 

– Barns