Head Lice Treatment

Having head lice is a tricky problem, but it doesn’t need to be. We have firsthand experience with the stress and anxiety an outbreak can cause, and we’re here to help. Our supportive and empathetic in-home lice removal services are safe, toxin-free and convenient.

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We have the knowledge and expertise to bring your home’s lice problem to an end. 

Head Check


* If we find lice and you decide to have our company treat you, then we will waive the $25 fee.

Combing Treatment


per hour (per technician), with a $250 cap per head

*If your child needs multiple hours of treatment, the highest amount you will pay is $250.


Once you suspect someone in your family has head lice, we meet you at your home to perform head checks and treatment if needed. Experience has taught us exactly what to look for, so here’s what you can expect during a professional head lice treatment session:

  • A head check with a micro grooved nit comb, a lice microscope and gloves. We also follow necessary COVID precautions
  • Use of a microgroove nit comb and a lice microscope to remove all lice and nits.
  • Thorough work — as few as two eggs (male and female) can continue the infestation
  • A meticulous and disciplined head lice treatment process
  • We use all natural, nontoxic dimethicone and olive oil for safe lice treatment
  • A certificate of “lice freedom” for a seamless return to school once the issue is resolved