About Us

With years of experience, Family Lice Care provides comprehensive and natural head lice treatment in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our proven approach and solution addresses both the clinical and emotional needs that lice treatment requires..  

We’re available where and when you need us. We stand apart from other professional lice treatment because:

  • We’re convenient: treatment at home or in our office
  • We’re safe: our treatment is non-toxic and effective
  • We’re determined: we won’t stop until the last louse or egg is gone
  • We understand: our own experience means you can expect empathetic treatment

Whether it’s providing a head check after your child leaves summer camp, or conducting thorough, convenient treatment when an outbreak occurs, we’re here for you. 

Our Story

When it comes to lice outbreaks, we’ve been there, done that. Our passion for the business comes from firsthand experience with lice in our family.

With that knowledge and skill in hand, we know exactly what to look for when checking for lice. Not only that, we know the mental toll a lice outbreak can have on a child and family and take great care to be an equal, supportive and non-judgemental partner in the process.

All-Natural Lice Treatment

We also know how important a safe and non-toxic treatment is for the health of your scalp. Over-the-counter treatment options are not only ineffective, but they can be potentially carcinogenic for children 8 years old or younger because the skull is not fully formed and harmful chemicals can penetrate brain tissue. 

Our all-natural treatment provides a safe alternative using dimethicone and olive oil.

What is dimethicone?

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Dimethicone is at the center of our natural lice treatment. The difference rests at how it kills lice. Unlike harmful insecticides, dimethicone instead eliminates head lice through suffocation. Not only does this prevent harmful chemicals from causing damage, but it also means lice can’t develop a resistance to it like they can to other treatment options.