Compassionate, safe and natural lice treatment in southern New England

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“Great company. We’ve used them every year upon entering summer camp and again before arriving back home.” – Marilyn


Treatment when you need it.

When it comes to lice treatment, we understand the sense of urgency. Our patient-centric approach is born out of personal experience with combating head lice and an understanding that it’s an issue that affects millions of children every year. Our services are available in Connecticut, Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

Our services include:


Before we begin any treatment, we must first verify that a head lice infestation is in fact the problem that you or any family members are experiencing.


This is a manual strand-by-strand traditional comb-out using a specialized lice comb and lice microscope to remove all the lice and nits. This is followed by an all natural oil treatment to suffocate any live lice that may have been left behind.

You’re looking for a supportive partner — and we’re there for you, with one goal in mind: bringing lice in the home to an end.


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